Components arrived

Now waiting for  PCB’s



Blitz (Wifi CAN4VSCP Accra CAN4VSCP Bejing CAN4VSCP Vilnius General Modules

Off they go to the boardhouse


Accra, Beijing, Vilnius, Odessa, Kelvin 1Wire, San Franscisco, Blitz, Roma, Kilafors and CAN4VSCP power injector sent away for production.

A big step for me a small step for mankind.

Blitz (Wifi VSCP

Blitz is out and away #IoT #M2M

Blitz is a module with Wifi, Ethernet, USB OTG, CAN, and some wireless stuff controlled by  Linux  where the full VSCP software suite is available.

Available in the FrogShop in August.

blitz_brd_rev_D blitz_sch1_rev_D blitz_sch2_rev_D blitz_sch3_rev_D blitz_sch4_rev_D blitz_sch5_rev_D blitz_sch6_rev_D

CAN4VSCP Vilnius FrogShop

Vilnius out and away #IOT #M2M

Next module in this run is the Vilnius module.  This module is an analog to digital unit with four channels 0-5V or 0-10V. This module concludes the CAN4VSCP series for a while (will be continued later). We will now  concentrate more on the Ethernet and 802.15.4 wireless cards but also on some low cost 433 MHz solutions.

The module will be available in the FrogShop in August.

vilnius_brd_rev_B vilnius_sch1_rev_B


Blitz (Wifi

Blitz day 2

Another day with the Blitz prototype. So far everything’s (oh well most of it ) good.


Blitz (Wifi CAN4VSCP etc) Ethernet Modules

Blitz prototype

Building the first Blitz prototype. Linux, wifi, Ethernet, CAN4VSCP, RF (433), SD card and more.


CAN4VSCP Accra CAN4VSCP Bejing CAN4VSCP Kelvin NTC10KA CAN4VSCP Paris CAN4VSCP RS-232 CAN4VSCP Vilnius FrogShop Modules News

CAN4VSCP-RS-232 PCB cards



CAN4VSCP-RS-232 PCB cards for the first batch of our third device was received for the factory in China today.  This card can be used in two modes. Either it can work as a simple and low-cost interface between a computer or similar and the CAN4VSCP bus or alternatively  it can work  as a standard node on a CAN4VSCP bus that streams RS-232 data which either is predefined or dynamic content.

We expect the module to be available in the FrogShop in about two weeks.

The Paris and the Kelvin modules is already available for delivery and will be followed by the Beijing A0, Accra A0, and the Vilnius A0 modules this spring.