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From tomorrow (29/1) I will be away for some shoulder surgery. I will stay at the hospital for a while after the operation but will hopefully be allowed to go home again as soon as things looks stable. Bad thing is that I will have to do this again in two month (same shoulder).

This means that I will be off the net for some time and will be unable to answer any questions about VSCP. I will try to put myself in front of a computer again as soon as I can put my right arm on the mouse without to much pain and to many pills.

I am sure Andy, Sven and the all the other people on the VSCP list can answer any questions during my “vacation”.

Have Fun!

Status for the next #VSCP version

The rework of the VSCP code to remove wxWidget dependency from all code is moving forward (actually all wx code is removed now). The tcp/ip server, udp server, web-server, discovery server is now running. Drivers, websockets och remote variables is next to test.

Still some work left for sure but things have been smoother than expected actually.

The maintainer is very happy! :

State of #VSCP

Why so silent?

Well I can’t talk for the rest of the VSCP community, if there is one nowadays, but here I am busy with removing wxWidgets dependency from the VSCP software. This is a large effort and a painful one but now when Windows is no longer supported by the daemon wxWidgets has become more of a burden than to be a helpful component. So away it goes and that means changes in thousands of line of code. Thus it will take some time before things are in place again. My goal is to have things working again sometimes in February, but I am a software person so don’t take  my word on that.

As an effect of this VSCP Works will be separated from the package and will not be updated from this point. A new VSCP Works will be written using JavaScript (actually Typescript)) and electron later. Hopefully this means faster development cycles in the end. Interested parties are welcome to take part in this (blink blink). Well I have to say that from time to time don’t I?…. 😉

The end goal then is that when this is done I hope you will note notice that it has been done and that everything works as it has always been working.

My initial hope for the winter season has been to work work Blutooth mesh. I even acquired some hardware to make this happen. But as it turned out I felt this was had to be done before mesh. But trust me, there will be Bluetooth mesh support.

Well thats all. There are many rows of code to change still…

And as we are moving closer to the holidays I want to which everyone a merry x-mas and a happy new year. Have  fun!