Problems running #node-red as a service (remove nvm)

On some Raspberry Pi’s of mine I had problems running node-js as a service as described here. The only hint of a problem I got was a cryptic “run nvm use latest/*” in the setup. I also remembered a post saying that node-red does not like nvm.

So how to get rid of nvm you have it installed?


sudo npm uninstall nvm

to remove it.

Then remove the lines nvm add to your .bashrc file. They are located at the end of the file and look like this

export NVM_DIR="$HOME/.nvm"
[ -s "$NVM_DIR/" ] && . "$NVM_DIR/" # This loads nvm
[ -s "$NVM_DIR/bash_completion" ] && . "$NVM_DIR/bash_completion" # This loads nvm bash_completion

Now remove the nvm config folder

rm -rf ~/.nvm

Now run the node-red setup/update script again and after that services will work again.

Problems with #node-red install script (node-red update step)

I had problems installing node.js using the official install script. The problem

is that the update step fails. There is no clue in the install log file as far as I can see.

To solve the problem I installed node/nmp following the excellent guide here

After you gone throw the steps in the guide just run the install script again and everything will be alright. At least it was for me on a machine running Debian Stretch and some other boxes.

State of #VSCP

Just a post to let you all know that VSCP is still alive even if not many things have happened for the last months.

As I wrote before I had some surgery in January this year and a follow up operation on that in June. Sadly I got a bad infection in the operation wound so I had to stay for some time at the hospital, but now I am home again eating tons of antibiotics.

Well things are pretty good now and I hope I am in working condition next month or so. But apparently one never know with deep infections, they often come back with full force. I, of course, hope it will not. 😉

I am sorry for all this talk about my health lately, everyone have enough with there own health and wellbeing, but this is my reality right know and I just want to indicate that VSCP is not dead. or even sick. It’s just me and I am in a good mode after all.

Have fun!

Taming the ‘hard’ in hardware in 8 steps – a product development journey

In 2017, we (balena) embarked on a mission to build the ultimate flashing media. As a software company, we didn’t realize the hornet’s nest that we had stepped into. Little did we anticipate that in the process, we would end up re-examining the wheel at every step, going through eight

Source: Taming the ‘hard’ in hardware in 8 steps – a product development journey

Qorvo – There can be only one? 5G vs Wi-Fi 6

With each new cellular standard, we see fresh claims for the “end of Wi-Fi”. When 3G was announced, it promised to make Wi-Fi (802.11b) redundant, which clearly turned out to be wrong. With 4G (LTE), this story repeated itself, claiming it would put Wi-Fi (802.11ac) in the bin.

Source: Qorvo – There can be only one? 5G vs Wi-Fi 6

State of #VSCP

It’s been many months. I have more or less been unable to do any serious VSCP development. All plans for the first half of 2019 just went out of the window. Even if that hurts, loosing such amounts of time, I had a second operation last week and the doctors says I am allowed to do some programming again from the end of the month. I look forward to that.

So hopefully “the state of VSCP” will be less about my scars and more about project progress after this summer. I have done quite a bit of the new VSCP works client during this slow time and hopefully some initial code will be available publically also very soon. JavaScript is still a little “strange” for me. But I like Electron and node.js more and more.

I hope everyone reading this will have a very nice summer. A Blackbird, named Pavarotti here on the hill, is singing for me and there is nothing in the world more beautiful than his song. Enjoy the summer my friends.