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CAN4VSCP module firmware upgrades


Please update your module.

Instructions on how to update the firmware is available in the modules manual.

FrogShop news


after the recent release of the new version of VSCP & Friends we finally have time to do some hardware development again. Two new modules are available.

CAN4VSCP Power Injector

This module is makes it possible to power 16 x CAN4VSCP modules using the daisy chain connector. It also have two RJ-35 connectors and terminators for the bus on board. Usage is typically to connect several CAN4VSCP boards together in a cabinet, either as a self contained unit or connected to other groups of modules. DIN or wall mount options are available.

Price is EUR 28 and it is available in the FrogShop for immediate delivery.


Accra is a counter board that can count pulses on four channels.  In addition to counting pulses it can also measure frequency.  The main intended use is for power/water/other meter interfacing using S0 pulses or other means.  But there are numerous other usages for this powerful module for sure. The Accra module is capable of outputting an appropriate measurement unit from a pulsed channel and can thus output kWh from a power meter for example or liters of used water from a water meter. This of course make it very easy to handle the data sent from the module, graphing or just collecting it. DIN or wall mount options are available.

The product page for Accra is here.

Price is EUR 28 and it is available from the FrogShop for immediate delivery.

More modules are on the way. A lot of them in fact. We move against Ethernet and wireless domains from here. Connecting the different domains of devices together.

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Testing #VSCP #Accra #IoT #m2m

Time to test Accra and to finish the code in this new module.  The manual and the MDF is done (probably not final though) but if you are curious they are  possible to check out now.

Kilafors will be a companion module to Accra for meter interfacing such as an electric meter that have an IR-led.  With this module it is possible to get KWh measurement VSCP events just with some simple configuration of the Accra. No other coding needed.


Hardware work take much longer than one expect.  We did know that when we started. Support and software takes time also.  So at the moment  we are quite a bit behind schedule.  Some more modules are ready and designed and is just waiting  to be tested and get code.  Listed here for reference so you know what is coming this fall.

Vilnius is a general A/D module. Hopefully we see this in August together with Accra.

Kelvin 1-Wire is a temperature module that can use the popular DS18B20 sensor instead of a NTC sensor but otherwise have the same functionality as the Kelvin NTC module.

San Fransisco is a Barometer module.

Frankfurt Bluetooth is a BLE 4.0 interface that can be used to connect a cell phone or other Bluetooth device to a CAN4VSCP bus.  This can be useful for diagnostics and configuration of a setup that is otherwise self contained, possibly for security reasons.

Roma 802.15.4 is a  module that have 802.15.4 and can connect CAN4VSCP segments with each other and connect some upcoming modules.

Roma 433 is a 433 MHz received/transmitter  and can interface low cost 433 MHz equipment such as popular wall switches and temperature sensors.

Blitz which is a wifi interface to CAN4VSCP. This module also have a 433 transmitter and some more goodies.

That is what we have in the pipe. What we currently have components and boards for. But expect a lot of other things this fall from the Paradise of the Frog.

Other planed modules.

A gprs module that can be used for alarm and status and control sms is already available in our lab. This module can also be used to send and receive emails to get status from and control VSCP modules.  Hopefully we will see this module in the Frogshop this fall.

A module we have had on the bench for several years now is Zeus.  This is a module same as Odessa and with the same expansion interface but with Ethernet instead of a CAN4VSCP bus.

A simple low cost CAN4VSCP <-> wifi module is also in the pipe.

When we have the infrastructure in place with CAN4VSCP based, wifi-based i/f , ethernet i/f we will put all our efforts on our VSCP based Bumblebeez modules which are wireless low cost modules with a lot of exciting functionality. This means that we have VSCP connectivity over the most common transport mediums available and that they are possible to connect in a plug and play way.



Accra counter module in the works #VSCP #IoT #m2m


We have  today  started work on our next module, the Accra counter module. The hardware is already done. This unit will be able to count pulses on four channels and also measure frequency on each channel.  It can have alarms set for going over a  counter level or when counting down to zero and for a frequency that is outside of a specified frequency range.

It has a built-in linear calculation algorithm that can translate pulse to real world measurement units. This can for example be used for utility meter measurements and gives the correct measurement value sent out on the VSCP bus.

Kilafors will be supplied later as an add on modules to detect S0  (IR) pulses so that Accra can be hooked on to an electrical meter and output power usage data.

This will be the seventh module in the CAN4VSCP series and will be followed by Vilnius for 12-bit A/D measurements.


Verifying Beijing #VSCP #IoT #m2m


Verifying the Beijing module.  All is well up to now I can tell you. But a lot of functionality to test so things takes time as always.  The Accra and the Vilnius modules are standing impatiently here in queue  to be tested also including some other modules. Soon we move up to Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wifi.

No that ugly LED array is not part of the board. 😉

+60 pcb’s later #vscp


A day for what a pick and place machine would have done in less than an hour.  Dear Santa give me a pick an place machine for Christmas

Anyway a god day here at the Paradise of the Frog. A vision from 1979 is realized today.  The Beijing card is much the same as the one sketched down on some papers  back then.  To expensive to realize at the time of course. Not so today. Dreams come true and so do CAN4VSCP building blocks.

Cards built today include

Beijing a general I/O card.
Accra a general counter card.
Vilnius a general A/D card.

PCB’s and stencils arrived #iot #m2m #homeautomation


After waiting for DHL to get the package delivered the last 200 kilometers to our office  (it took more then a week) after traveling half ways across the globe in 24h the  boards and stencils for the boards has arrived. Lot of work ahead in other words. Upcoming  VSCP  boards added to the once already available in the FrogShop  you will see this autumn is

CAN4VSCP Power Injector. Used to inject power into a CAN4VSCP bus and is secured with auto resetable fuses.

San Fransisco CAN4VSCP Barometer
CAN4VSCP pressure module. It can also be used as a Bluetooth BLE 4.0 interface module and is called Los Angeles in that version. Sold as separate products.

CAN4VSCP general counter module. A module that can be used to count pulses from meters and such devices.

Power meter interface. A companion product to Accra that can be used to read power meters.

CAN4VSCP general I/O module

Kelvin 1-Wire 
CAN4VSCP temperature reader module. Second unit in the Kelvin temperature module series that can interface 1-wire sensors.

CAN4VSCP general expansion module.  A general format expansion card can be fitted to this board. This is the same cards used for the Zeus Ethernet board.

Zeus expansion board which can be used for 433 MHz receive/transmit or 802.15.4 communication.

Linux base board with CAN4VSCP interface,  Ethernet, Wifi, serial interface, USB host/slave, 433 MHz transmitter/receiver.

Other planed cards you can see here