CBOR — Concise Binary Object Representation | Overview

Source: CBOR — Concise Binary Object Representation | Overview

CAN4VSCP Frankfurt Eth Modules VSCP

Two new kids in the block

Thanks to PCBWay for sponsering the VSCP project with two new boards for the CAN4VSCP Frankfurt series of boards.

CAN4VSCP Frankfurt Eth.


CAN4VSCP Frankfurt Eth.

More info about the project is available on Github



A design is best at this stage

The infant stage. Everything works. Everything is perfect.

Later on you meet the world and users…

Development General

How Safe is AES Encryption?

In the world of embedded and computer security, one of the often debated topics is whether a 128-bit symmetric key, used for AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is computationally secure against brute-force attacks.

Source: How Safe is AES Encryption?


TouCAN CANAL driver v1.0.2

Rusoku has released version 1.02 of the TouCAN CANAL driver.

Available here.

node-red node-red-contrib-socketcan socketcan VSCP

node-red-contrib-socketcan updated to version 1.2.9

A new version of the package node-red-contrib-socketcan (1.2.9) was published at 2022-08-09T19:03:14.418Z

Fixed buffer send problem.
Security updates.

Available here.

node-js node-red node-red-contrib-socketca VSCP

Update 1.2.8 to node-red-contrib-socketcan

A new version of the package node-red-contrib-socketcan (1.2.8) was published at 2022-06-10T15:36:37.310Z

- Fixed problem with dlc when sending remote frames.
node-red node-red-contrib-socketca node-red-contrib-socketcan socketcan VSCP

New version 1.2.7 of node-red-contrib-socketcan

A new version of the package node-red-contrib-socketcan (1.2.7) was published at 2022-06-10T11:44:12.391Z

- Fixed problem with sending of RTR frames.
node-canal node-js node-red node-red-contrib-canal node-red-contrib-socketca node-red-contrib-socketcan node-red-contrib-vscp node-red-contrib-vscp-tcp node-red-contrib-vscp-tcp node-vscp node-vscp-class node-vscp-helper node-vscp-tcp node-vscp-type VSCP

VSCP Update: node & node-red

All node and node-red nodes hav had there dependencies updated.


State of VSCP

Sometimes you walk and walk and still never seem to arrive at the destination. The development of the new VSCP Works is like that sometimes. It takes time.


There is working session handling and working configuration handling and almost working discovery. Next up is the bootloading.

So one day I will announce a release… maybe…

I currently work with some demo code that uses the VSCP tcp/ip link protocol on embedded hardware. I do an implementation of the level II protocol handling with it so there is a lib to use if someone wants to implement it. This work is needed for me to test full level II functionality in VSCP works . For me, to work on the low-level hardware again, is a real treat. Love it! That is the place where I enjoy life the most.

Summer is coming and I will be out of the office for vacation for most of Juli. I hope all of you reading this will have a very nice summer.

Have fun friends!