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Frankfurt RS-232 verbose mode peak preview

The verbose mode of the Frankfurt RS-232 CAN4VSCP adapter makes it easy to diagnose a  CAN4VSCP bus without any other tools other than the adapter and a terminal program.  Registers can be read/written on remote nodes, the interfaces opened in listen, normal and loopback mode and you can even search nodes on the bus.  And in addition to the loopback mode there is the CAN4VSCP driver mode which works with the  VSCP Daemon and VSCP Works and SLCAN mode which works with SocketCan on Linux.


CAN4VSCP-RS-232 PCB cards



CAN4VSCP-RS-232 PCB cards for the first batch of our third device was received for the factory in China today.  This card can be used in two modes. Either it can work as a simple and low-cost interface between a computer or similar and the CAN4VSCP bus or alternatively  it can work  as a standard node on a CAN4VSCP bus that streams RS-232 data which either is predefined or dynamic content.

We expect the module to be available in the FrogShop in about two weeks.

The Paris and the Kelvin modules is already available for delivery and will be followed by the Beijing A0, Accra A0, and the Vilnius A0 modules this spring.