+60 pcb’s later #vscp


A day for what a pick and place machine would have done in less than an hour.  Dear Santa give me a pick an place machine for Christmas

Anyway a god day here at the Paradise of the Frog. A vision from 1979 is realized today.  The Beijing card is much the same as the one sketched down on some papers  back then.  To expensive to realize at the time of course. Not so today. Dreams come true and so do CAN4VSCP building blocks.

Cards built today include

Beijing a general I/O card.
Accra a general counter card.
Vilnius a general A/D card.

Blitz (Wifi CAN4VSCP Accra CAN4VSCP Bejing CAN4VSCP Vilnius Modules VSCP

PCB’s and stencils arrived #iot #m2m #homeautomation


After waiting for DHL to get the package delivered the last 200 kilometers to our office  (it took more then a week) after traveling half ways across the globe in 24h the  boards and stencils for the boards has arrived. Lot of work ahead in other words. Upcoming  VSCP  boards added to the once already available in the FrogShop  you will see this autumn is

CAN4VSCP Power Injector. Used to inject power into a CAN4VSCP bus and is secured with auto resetable fuses.

San Fransisco CAN4VSCP Barometer
CAN4VSCP pressure module. It can also be used as a Bluetooth BLE 4.0 interface module and is called Los Angeles in that version. Sold as separate products.

CAN4VSCP general counter module. A module that can be used to count pulses from meters and such devices.

Power meter interface. A companion product to Accra that can be used to read power meters.

CAN4VSCP general I/O module

Kelvin 1-Wire 
CAN4VSCP temperature reader module. Second unit in the Kelvin temperature module series that can interface 1-wire sensors.

CAN4VSCP general expansion module.  A general format expansion card can be fitted to this board. This is the same cards used for the Zeus Ethernet board.

Zeus expansion board which can be used for 433 MHz receive/transmit or 802.15.4 communication.

Linux base board with CAN4VSCP interface,  Ethernet, Wifi, serial interface, USB host/slave, 433 MHz transmitter/receiver.

Other planed cards you can see here 

Blitz (Wifi CAN4VSCP Accra CAN4VSCP Bejing CAN4VSCP Vilnius General Modules

Off they go to the boardhouse


Accra, Beijing, Vilnius, Odessa, Kelvin 1Wire, San Franscisco, Blitz, Roma, Kilafors and CAN4VSCP power injector sent away for production.

A big step for me a small step for mankind.

CAN4VSCP Accra CAN4VSCP Bejing CAN4VSCP Kelvin NTC10KA CAN4VSCP Paris CAN4VSCP RS-232 CAN4VSCP Vilnius FrogShop Modules News

CAN4VSCP-RS-232 PCB cards



CAN4VSCP-RS-232 PCB cards for the first batch of our third device was received for the factory in China today.  This card can be used in two modes. Either it can work as a simple and low-cost interface between a computer or similar and the CAN4VSCP bus or alternatively  it can work  as a standard node on a CAN4VSCP bus that streams RS-232 data which either is predefined or dynamic content.

We expect the module to be available in the FrogShop in about two weeks.

The Paris and the Kelvin modules is already available for delivery and will be followed by the Beijing A0, Accra A0, and the Vilnius A0 modules this spring.