Blitz (Wifi VSCP

Blitz is out and away #IoT #M2M

Blitz is a module with Wifi, Ethernet, USB OTG, CAN, and some wireless stuff controlled by  Linux  where the full VSCP software suite is available.

Available in the FrogShop in August.

blitz_brd_rev_D blitz_sch1_rev_D blitz_sch2_rev_D blitz_sch3_rev_D blitz_sch4_rev_D blitz_sch5_rev_D blitz_sch6_rev_D

CAN4VSCP Vilnius FrogShop

Vilnius out and away #IOT #M2M

Next module in this run is the Vilnius module.  This module is an analog to digital unit with four channels 0-5V or 0-10V. This module concludes the CAN4VSCP series for a while (will be continued later). We will now  concentrate more on the Ethernet and 802.15.4 wireless cards but also on some low cost 433 MHz solutions.

The module will be available in the FrogShop in August.

vilnius_brd_rev_B vilnius_sch1_rev_B



San Francisco out and away #IoT #M2M

San Francisco is a module that has two functions aboard.  First of all it is a barometer to measure pressure. This is the main variant of the board. Secondly the board has a Bluetooth 4.0 BLE transceiver on board that can be used to configure units on a CAN4VSCP bus with a cellular phone , tablet or from a computer equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 interface.

Hopefully this module will be available in the FrogShop in late September. “Hopefully” because each new board costs a lot of money to realize for a small company like ours and we need to earn the money before we can set it into production.




Accra out and away #IoT #M2M

Accra is a counter card. It can be used for general counting but it also has functions that makes it perfect for energy measurements,  counting  pulses and sending out measurement values. A companion card for electricity meter power measurements is also in the pipe. Soon available in the FrogShop.

accra_brd_rev-A accra_sch_rev_A


Beijing out and away

Beijing is a general CAN4VSCP I/O card. Ten I/O’s that can freely be configured as inputs or outputs and then be controlled remotely. Available in the FrogShop soon.

beijing_sch_rev_B bejing_brd_rev_B


Home Automation

SuperHouse.TV: High-tech DIY home renovation!

SuperHouse.TV: High-tech DIY home renovation!.


John Lennon’s “Imagine,” Made Into A Comic Strip


John Lennon’s “Imagine,” Made Into A Comic Strip.


NFC + RFID implant

Before injecting the RFID chip into my body I got info about a NFC version which also has RFID so I bought it instead. Time for some action!





Boxing Day



More GPRS modems

Two GPRS modems arrived today again. Why you ask. We want the best for our customers so we try out a few of them before we use them for our plug and play control solution.

Send SMS. “Turn on my xxx”  or “prepare yyy” and things happen at some remote location and you suddenly realize that everything actually can be simple in your world.