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vscpl1drv-can4vscp 1.1.1 released

CAN4VSCP Frankfurt RS-232

New release, version 1.1.2, of the Frankfurt RS-232 firmware is available


A new release, version 1.1.2, of the Frankfurt RS-232 firmware is available. This is a bug fix release solving one minor problem that is non critical.

2015-11-25 AKHE – Fixed problem with warning blink for bus warnings never being turned off even if the condition is over.

  • The firmware file is available here.
  • Instructions on how to update the firmware is in the manual.



CAN4VSCP Frankfurt RS-232

New firmware v1.1.1 released for Frankfurt RS-232


A new firmware release 1.1.1 is available for Frankfurt RS-232. This is a bug fix release and it fixes a problem that occurs sometimes when sending frames with maximum length. Typically this happens when bootloading a device over the VSCP daemon.

The new firmware is available here.

Manual and instructions on how to update the firmware is here.

As a general note please enable hardware handshake whenever possible using the Frankfurt RS-232 module for bootloading.


CAN4VSCP Frankfurt RS-232 FrogShop VSCP

The world


A problem I have faced during all the years I have been developing open source software and hardware (3/4 of my life now) and which most open source/hardware developers face, is that most people does not care to give back. Most people  just take and take and take as they where put on earth just for doing that. They never care who they take from and what.  “It’s free, it’s available, I just care about me, Me, ME and my close ones…”.  No it’s not spoken out. It’s all in there actions. It’s not hard to see.

YES as an open source developer you get fed-up with this from time to time. We all have bills to pay.  Open source/hardware developers have to. Surprisingly ey? So we sometimes close our source to protect our intellectual capital.  Become people we don’t want to be. Protective of our work in a way that is against all we believe in.

Oh yes I know companies that use my work and get good money from it and even don’t bother to  give a simple link back to any of my sites and it’s even a lesser chance they buy something from the FrogShop to support my work. “Why should they” they seem to think. If someone is foolish enough to leave something unprotected, of course we take it, use it, make it ours.  “If I see a new TV or a car with the keys left in it on a parking lot I of course take it to. If someone left it there is must me mine. Right!?”

So when you are into this you often wounder what type of man you want to be. Like them? Or different?  Different because you have other values in life.

No need to think about that for a long time.  I decide on different.

So from now on all modules made by Grodans Paradis AB/Paradise of the Frog will be open source and open hardware.   This means eagle files and all design documents, including source code for firmware will be available for all of them. License will be MIT. This info is not in all files yet but will be.  I will add designmaterial and files as we go.

Yes the greedy ones will get more to “take” and make there own.  But some will give back and contribute. I decide to focus on them.  Because that make the world look a little better to me. It’s a fortune in that. At least I do believe it is.

Below the first two freed modules

More will follow .


CAN4VSCP Frankfurt RS-232 CAN4VSCP Kelvin NTC10KA CAN4VSCP Paris

The ugliest modules… #IoT #VSCP

…end up in my test setup. The good looking ones goes  to customer.


CAN4VSCP Frankfurt RS-232 VSCP

Do you feel bored sometimes #RaspberryPi #beaglbone #IoT #m2m

Do you feel bored sometimes? Want to have as fun as those guys waving rainbow flags. No need to be bored anymore. Now you can make VSCP Works configuration view look like this


This is possible now when VSCP Works support the fgcolor and bgcolor attributes for the register tag.  That is pride for you. Yes we believe in all colors.  🙂

Support also added for a type attribute which can create register rows for all decision matrix row in one reg tag and there is a block type to that can be used for other repeating registers. Good if you are both proud and lazy. Colors and laziness on the same day. WOW!

Read all about it in the manual.

Odessa by the way is our latest product. Mount on a DIN rail or screw up on a wall.  Read all about Odessa here.  Great for your next prototyping project. Available in a 3.3V and a 5V versions.  While you check Odessa out also check out Frankfurt RS-232 which actually is Frankfurt USB also as an USB interface is included free of charge.  Connects you to the CAN4VSCP bus.  Works great with Raspberry Pi, Carambola or Beaglebone in case you wounder.


ps Haven’t heard about VSCP.?  Go here ds

CAN4VSCP Frankfurt RS-232

Frankfurt RS-232 Working


Now the Frankfurt RS-232 module fully works in two of its three modes. The slcan mode still remains and so does the Linux driver for the can4vscp serial protocol . This is now next on the agenda together with documentation and all that stuff. If all goes well things will be fully in place late next week so we can start to produce it the week after.

The can4vscp serial driver is a general VSCP serial driver that can be used to couple all sorts of devices to a VSCP system over a serial link. We will supply some reference designs for Arduino and some more.

As said above Frankfurt have three protocols built in.

1.) A verbose protocol that can be used as a command line protocol to diagnose and find/configure VSCP nodes on a bus.

2.) A can4vscp serial protocol that is a very efficient and secure serial protocol.

3.) Slcan to be able to connect the unit to socketcan on Linux.

The module will be delivered with a usb to serial adapter but can also work over just RS-232. We will also supply a 3.3V TTL version than can connect directly to the Raspberry Pi serial port, or the Beagalbone serial port or the Carambola serial port making it easy to add can4vwscp capabilities to those devices.

The price will be good and low.