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Getting Started With Bluetooth For High Precision Indoor Positioning | Bluetooth® Technology Website

This white paper provides an introduction to Bluetooth high precision indoor positioning, explores what is needed to implement solutions, and presents lessons learned trialing the technology in an…

Source: Getting Started With Bluetooth For High Precision Indoor Positioning | Bluetooth® Technology Website

BLE Bluetooth Demo Programming Python VSCP

Added Bluetooth BLE sensorpuck python script

Added a python script that collect Bluetooth BLE sensor data from a Silicon Labs Sensorpuck and send it to a VSCP Daemon. Data collected is

  • Signal Quality
  • Battery Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Ambient Light
  • UV Index.

The script is available here and is including instruction on how to use and install.

Live data is available on the VSCP demo server and a node-red flow is included to show this data in real time.

BLE Bluetooth ESP32 mesh

RISC-V SoC Blends BLE and 802.15.4 Connectivity – Circuit Cellar

Espressif Systems has announced the release of its ESP32-H2 SoC with IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth 5.2 (LE) connectivity, operable in the 2.4 GHz band. This SoC c

Source: RISC-V SoC Blends BLE and 802.15.4 Connectivity – Circuit Cellar

Bluetooth mesh State of things VSCP

State of VSCP

Just a short info about what is brewing in the VSCP world.

Over the years that VSCP has existed it has been times with pretty good interest and times with very low-interest.  This comes and goes and have done so many times.  At the moment we are in a  low period.  Contributions to the project has never been very high even in periods of high interest,  almost non existing in fact, and of course that is not better during a low period like this.

I have been working with this for so long now and coded a lot of code with other people’s needs in mind. Mostly broadcasting free stuff with a lot of effort behind it out in an empty space. It feels a bit awkward to continue that road ahead forever. As it feels now I will switch to do more “fun stuff” for my own needs instead of doing a general package for m2m/IoT in the future.

New drivers on the way

For my own projects I need some drivers for the Raspberry Pi and  I therefore is building three Raspberry Pi specific drivers at the moment

vscpl2drv-rpigpio and vscpl2drv-rpigpio-if2

This is a driver that handle general GPIO on the Raspberry Pi (used pigpio/pigpiod). It can be programmed with a decision matrix so you can send for example CLASS1.CONTROL, TurnON/TurnOff event(s) to control specific I/O, PWM, Servo and frequency support is there. Also input monitoring. Event based and periodic. It comes in two versions one that uses thew pigpio lib and one that use the pigpiod server.


With this driver you can control a LCD connected to the Raspberry Pi by sending/trigger on VSCP events. parallel mode and I2C supported.


Interface a MAX6675 for K thermocoupole temperature measurements.

The driver is build if –enable-rpi is used in the configure script.  It will be a month or so before they is officially released.

Abandon wxWidgets

I have decided to leave wxWidgets for future work. This affects all components except VSCP works. Expect this to take a year or two before it is completed. The new drivers mentioned above already have this change in them.

XML configuration

For the future all Level II drivers will use a XML variable for configuration.  This is true for the drivers mentioned above and will be for all current drivers as well. The old variable model will still be there for backward compatibility.

Bluetooth mesh

I have used a lot of money to collect Bluetooth mesh capable hardware for some time. And this winter will be used for work with these. VSCP is very well suited for Bluetooth mesh. I can’t almost wait before I can start this work.  Excited!

OK that’s all for now folks.




Bluetooth mesh

Getting started with BlueNRG-Mesh – YouTube

BLE Bluetooth mesh

Provision, configure and control Bluetooth mesh networks with nRF Mesh

Source: Provision, configure and control Bluetooth mesh networks with nRF Mesh

BLE Bluetooth

Nordic Thingy

Nordic Thingy:52 – IoT Sensor Kit – Rapid prototype platform for the IoT

BLE Bluetooth

Using Visual Studio Code for Nordic nRF5 BLE Debugging

Using Cortex Debug for Nordic nRF5x on Visual Studio Code and bumpy
BLE Bluetooth mesh

Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth mesh is complex, but using IC vendor solutions and development tools, designers can build smart Bluetooth mesh networked applications quickly.