Programming Python VSCP

New release of pyvscp 0.3.7

  • Added dump to standard event class
  • Standard event now has UTC time set on create
  • Fixed timestamp setting
  • Added timestamp setter (also to constructor)
  • Added constructor with GUID assignment
  • Added missing getmac import
  • Fixed head constants
  • Added new double precision data type
  • Synced VSCP header data
  • Added setGUIDFromMAC

Available on PyPi Se also pyvscphelper, pyvscpclasses and pyvscptypes

Docs are here

Python VSCP

#VSCP #Python libs.

I have released updated versions of the Python libs. They are still in alpha so structural changes can still happen. Be aware. Docs are also sparse at the moment but there are some simple samples available in the repositories for each lib. pyvscphelper is documented alongside the standard vscphelper library.

You find the libs here Install with

pip install <lib>

Update with

pip install --upgrade <lib>

For more information about VSCP go to the VSCP main site.


CAN4VSCP Programming Python VSCP

python-can #VSCP #m2m #IoT #CAN

In a support question today I got to know the python-can package which I was not aware of. This is a package for Python developers python-can wanting to work with CAN. The package supports CANAL but unfortunately the CANAL interface is named “USB2CAN“, which disappoints me a bit,¬† but at least it’s there.

So all drivers here should work with Python now.

Interesting for VSCP‘ers can the remote interface of the package be. Here you can set up a lightweight connection to a CAN4VSCP bus (CAN bus) and feed it over TCP/IP to a VSCP daemon or some other thing. Perfect for use on small Linux boards where the full¬† VSCP daemon is too much.