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dh_autoreconf problem

If you want to make a debian package on a Raspberry Pi with Stretch installed or another machine with an older debian version installed the debhelper build process may complain about multiple runs of dh_autoreconf and abort. This is due to a bug in dh_autoreconf which just warns for this in later versions.


Get the latest version of dh_autoreconf



tar xvf dh-autoreconf_19.tar.xz

Save a copy of the old sh_autoreconf

sudo mv /usr/bin/dh_autoreconf /usr/bin/

Copy the new file

copy dh_autoreconf to /usr/bin

Problem should be solved.

python-can #VSCP #m2m #IoT #CAN

In a support question today I got to know the python-can package which I was not aware of. This is a package for Python developers python-can wanting to work with CAN. The package supports CANAL but unfortunately the CANAL interface is named “USB2CAN“, which disappoints me a bit,  but at least it’s there.

So all drivers here should work with Python now.

Interesting for VSCP‘ers can the remote interface of the package be. Here you can set up a lightweight connection to a CAN4VSCP bus (CAN bus) and feed it over TCP/IP to a VSCP daemon or some other thing. Perfect for use on small Linux boards where the full  VSCP daemon is too much.