IoT Megatrends 2015 – VisionMobile

IoT Megatrends 2015 – VisionMobile.

Here’s what everyone knows about the Internet of Things. It’s going to be enormous. We’ll have tens of billions of devices by the end of the decade. This is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity over the next few years. All the major players in consumer electronics, mobile, cloud, factory automation, enterprise IT and more will be fiercely competing for a piece of that pie. All this information shouts: if your company doesn’t have an IoT strategy you might as well quit.

VSCP framework v0.3.0 and arduino lib v0.2.0 #iot #vscp #m2m

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Post by Andy.

Hi all,

I released just some minutes ago the VSCP framework v0.3.0 and the corresponding arduino library v0.2.0
VSCP framework changes can be found in detail here:
The arduino library is only updated to the VSCP framework v0.3.0

Some highlights:

The framework supports now the silent node behaviour, which is used for non-multimaster protocols, like RS-485.
The bad thing is, I only use the CAN-bus at home and implemented all in theory. If anyone has time and fun to check it, please try
and give some feedback.

Also new, this is the first version which was checked by coverity ( with 0 defects reported.

The pc example uses now the VSCP helper lib of the v1.0.1 Neon release … thanks Ake for the great work again and the support!

And you can play via the websocket interface of the daemon with the pc example. Switching lights off, on or dim them.

Best regards