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Hi VSCP members,

With UiM & cordova i have made sample apps for Android devices.
It is used to connect to the vscpd daemon running on digital ocean cloud server in US. ..!!!

Apps can be downloaded from this link.

This app contains one bulb & one temprature sensors.
My (UiMagician+cordova) project settings at present can generate apps in 4 diffrent sizes as i have diffrent ‘.css’ files for this.
Try all 4 & use which ever fits well as per your expectation on your mobile device.

>> We need a couple of good looking simple samples ASAP that work on Iphone, Android. Anything is good.
@Ake , for android get it in above link .. 🙂

>> Small well documented samples using either websockets/tcp/ip or the rest interface.
Uimagician is making the html apps in a click on a button .. 🙂


During this testing phase some bugs were found in UiM which i have corrected. Apart from this in next release i will also simplyfiy the data entry
job for UiM users. I am planning to siplify the UiM further so that user only have to enter following fields for a device :–

index field
State/stateless button

I will hide the details for variables & TX & RX events from the users, so that UiM become end user tool… !!!


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Hi all,

after fixing the raw Ethernet driver today I have made two samples for Arduino that can be used as a starting point for your own work. The driver itself is documented here.

The first sample send out VSCP events using the raw Ethernet frames. You can find the sample here.

The second example prints the contents of incoming VSCP raw Ethernet frames on the serial monitor. You can find the sample here.

Why!? use the raw Ethernet someone might ask. And for most projects this is a relevant why. If you have the flash + ram space use TCP/IP.  But if you have been into this for a while you also know that many, many, many, many. many times there is just not room for the things you need to fit in a micro of a give size. After all the application is the the main object. That’s the object you should concentrate on. When you reach that point this is your Savior.

Happy Coding!

I though…

…I should write something about today’s work. Fixing bugs. Sending away stuff to people I don’t know. But on the other hand I decided against that. Because I actually have done the same thing today as I have done the last fourteen and a half year. Building on a vision from the 70-th. To do that you either have to be a crazy as a real nutcase or… well you have to be crazy. Period. So whom would be interested in the day of a crazy man? Exactly. No-one. So I don’t write any words about my day. I spare your precious and wonderful mind from hearing about it’s utterly dullness.