Refrigerator control Part 3 #VSCP #IoT #m2m

The refrigerator again. It takes more time then expected of course. It always do. This time because I have a lot of other things to attend to at the moment.  I understand if you ask some questions about this project. So I answer them here (before you actually ask them) Why this project? Our refrigerator … Continue reading Refrigerator control Part 3 #VSCP #IoT #m2m

Refrigerator project Part 4 #IoT #m2m #VSCP

This (upper cabinet of refrigerator) and this (lower cabinet of refrigerator)   is live data from the refrigerator project described here,  here and here. First of all, this is quite a complex way to do this, it could have been solved in an easier way. But I wanted to test the modules Grodans Paradis AB … Continue reading Refrigerator project Part 4 #IoT #m2m #VSCP

Howto: Practical use of #VSCP Remote Variables @thingspeak

See The story about an old fridge and VSCP module setup – refrigirator control part 1 , part 2, part 3, part 4  for earlier parts about this setup. You have a VSCP system (or other system) setup that control something. and now you want to share some of this information up to the cloud.  One typical problem … Continue reading Howto: Practical use of #VSCP Remote Variables @thingspeak