CAN4VSCP Frankfurt RS-232 VSCP

Do you feel bored sometimes #RaspberryPi #beaglbone #IoT #m2m

Do you feel bored sometimes? Want to have as fun as those guys waving rainbow flags. No need to be bored anymore. Now you can make VSCP Works configuration view look like this


This is possible now when VSCP Works support the fgcolor and bgcolor attributes for the register tag.  That is pride for you. Yes we believe in all colors.  🙂

Support also added for a type attribute which can create register rows for all decision matrix row in one reg tag and there is a block type to that can be used for other repeating registers. Good if you are both proud and lazy. Colors and laziness on the same day. WOW!

Read all about it in the manual.

Odessa by the way is our latest product. Mount on a DIN rail or screw up on a wall.  Read all about Odessa here.  Great for your next prototyping project. Available in a 3.3V and a 5V versions.  While you check Odessa out also check out Frankfurt RS-232 which actually is Frankfurt USB also as an USB interface is included free of charge.  Connects you to the CAN4VSCP bus.  Works great with Raspberry Pi, Carambola or Beaglebone in case you wounder.


ps Haven’t heard about VSCP.?  Go here ds