To not get blinded by the obvious #VSCP #IoT #m2m

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There are Davids and there are Goliaths of the world. We know what category the VSCP project belongs to. During the fourteen years of VSCP’s existence we have seen many Goliaths come and go. Yes, most people support the Goliaths of the world without any further thought, after all they have the money, the strength and the power to reach out to the world. But as any intelligent man and woman knows, who think beyond the obvious and simple, it is not always the big and colorful flowers that are the most beautiful. If you take the time to look closer you will find more beautiful things hidden in the grass. You just have to put some more effort into it and not get blinded by the obvious.

No a project like VSCP will never win over the Goliaths of the world. At least unless people care to look beyond the obvious. If you are one of those people vote for the VSCP project.

And then after a while it just works #IoT #Arduino

Eventually things just works if some effort is put into it. So now the CAN4VSCP serial driver is kind of working. The node code will be implemented on Arduino also as a sample to set up a serial channel to VSCP. For the Frankfurt RS-232 module the third working mode will now be added. The module has the verbose mode for debugging of CAN4VSCP buses, the CAN4VSCP driver mode for efficient driver communication and lastly the SLCAN mode so it also can be used as a Sockecan node. This means VSCP user can select if they want to use the CAN4VSCP driver or socketcan when they work with the Frankfurt RS-232 module.