John Lennon’s “Imagine,” Made Into A Comic Strip


John Lennon’s “Imagine,” Made Into A Comic Strip.


NFC + RFID implant

Before injecting the RFID chip into my body I got info about a NFC version which also has RFID so I bought it instead. Time for some action!





Boxing Day



More GPRS modems

Two GPRS modems arrived today again. Why you ask. We want the best for our customers so we try out a few of them before we use them for our plug and play control solution.

Send SMS. “Turn on my xxx”  or “prepare yyy” and things happen at some remote location and you suddenly realize that everything actually can be simple in your world.




RFID operation #IoT #M2M #Homeautomation


RFID glass tag has arrived. Now I just need someone who can operate it into my right hand. After that, by by keys and passwords.


The fucking Internet of Things defined #IoT #M2M


Lets face it. There is a lot of fools around in the computer business.  Fools that use all their energy to try to find out what “Internet of things” is. With this post I will help so you dummies can go and play your games elsewhere and let the rest of us work on with the things needed to be done.

No Internet of Things  not related to tcp/ip or http/pop3/smtp… at all. That is INTERconnected computers and there tools. So all REST lovers go and dig yourself down seven feet under. It is much simpler than that. It is just nets of things coupled together. Yes, coupled together in the same way computer once was coupled together to form the Internet. The coupling is just what it says. Things talk to each other om a net. Internet of things couples them together.

It does not say that the local nets must be RF based as some people seems to think, it does not say anything  about the network of things. By the nature of “things” they must be different and diverse. THEY MUST! Just as the Internet does not.  It implies however that if this should work we need to talk a similar language between interconnected nets. If we don’t we are at a point similar to where computer networks where before the Internet.

So can we now go to work!?


What exactly is the Internet of Things? Infographic- Postscapes

In case you don’t know!

What exactly is the Internet of Things? Infographic- Postscapes.

gprs VSCP

GPRS (SMS/tcp/ip)

GPRS modules arrived today. This will be part of a subsystem that connects VSCP based devices plug and play to the world.  SMS alarms and setup and tcp/ip connections to remote daemon for logging and setup.

szmellow module

Bumblebeez FrogShop General gprs sms VSCP

GPRS modules on the way

One thing that is important in our world is that we communicate with small things. You can call it IoT/M2M or what you want but we just call it “working”. And this is also true when we ship gprs modules for SMS control of remote units.

Goods before package


Bumblebeez #IoT #M2M



Maybe, just maybe, there will be a commercial variant of VSCP & Friends that will be named Bumblebeez.

But don’t tell anyone plz.