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Not much info other than links recently on this channel but that does not mean that noting is happening.  As usual there is +16h/day passes here at the Paradise of the Frog AB and we are working hard to get the Sodium release of VSCP out.  YES it has been delayed and this is due to some findings in the serial driver which lead to some other changes in there to.  Took some time but are fixed now.  It is an amazing and useful driver  now I must tell you.

At the moment we are adding some last BIG things and then a release candidate will be available for download.

One of the big questions at the moment is to decide if Lua or Javascripts should be used for the internal script engine in the VSCP daemon. If you have thoughts on this feel free to comment. This same scripting support will eventually also come to  VSCP Works. But this is a life decision. Not easy to change after a decision is taken.

Why a scripting engine in VSCP daemon? Well with it you can execute a scripts when an event is received. Thus doing a lot of dynamic things or just if/then handling or simple things like OpenHAB for example do.  If we ever get some active UX development this can be extended to a drag and drop interface to make things happen. A bit like node red if you like.

On the hardware side three boards still is in the pipe. Accra, Vilnius needs some final code and are next in line. Frankfurt Eth prototypes are on the way to us at this very moment and will be done after that.  Kelvin 1-wire Frankfurt BT will come next. And I can tell you we have a lot more brewing.

So now you know that we are still working here in the north of Sweden. We will be back with more info soon.


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