Monthly Archives: August 2014

Fourteen #IoT #m2m #VSCP


VSCP turns fourteen today. It’s probably nothing to celibate, it’s much more about not being able to convince people to participate, to have an idea in your head an work or at least think about it every day for fourteen years. The hours spent on this project can’t be counted. All other hot and written about projects that has been around for a short time and then vanished like they never been there during this time can also not be counted easily.

So fourteen years is about not giving up, even if you don’t hit success. About being crazy enough to work on and on and on even without getting nothing in return and to believe that the road your move ahead on still can be the road that takes you to the place you always been walking towards.

No, I will not celibate today. I will walk on that road.

Web/websocket i/f on the windows version of the #VSCP daemon again

I am blowing life in the windows version of the VSCP daemon again and making the web i/f and the websocket i/f working also here. Why? People ask for it every day. No I actually don’t have time to support both but will give it a try again.

A new lib will be used. Support for SSL will be available both in the webserver, the websocket interface and on the tcp/ip command interface.