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VSCP & Friends 1.12.3 Magnesium released #VSCP #IoT #m2m


Available for download on Source Forge and on GitHub.

  – Several endian conversions fixed.
  – Fixed long timeout when connecting to remote host (reported by some as hang).
VSCP Works
  – Fixed problems with default window sizes.
  – Float/double abstraction values are now handled correctly.
  – Fixed problem with write of bit 8 of class mask/filter when a decision matrix row
     was written.
  – VSCP Works configuration window now remembers selections after an update.
  – Shortcuts is now available that move to specific pages in the configuration
of vscp works by right clicking the register grid.
  – Added new menu in VSCP Works config (Transport) with shortcuts for fast moves.
  – Abstraction edit is now moved to a menu item that is made visible by right clicking a cell and
     which works much the same as for registers.
  – It is now possible to edit in place for abstractions also in VSCP Works.



VSCP & Friends version 1.12.2 Magnesium

start | VSCP Specification

VSCP & Friends version 1.12.2 Magnesium is out.  This is mainly a bugfix release for window users.

The release can be downloaded here

Do you want to support this project?

Paradise of the Frog AB sell low cost open source/hardware that is VSCP enabled. There is a lot of useful modules available and more is on the way. If you want to support this development the best thing you can do is to buy something  from the Frogshop,, or contribute code or report/fix bugs.

There is also possible to sponsor the project. More info is here


Why Visual Studio Code?

With c/c++ support. Is there hope for Microsoft after all?  The C++ support does not install easily under Debian. Sadly. The feeling is good when you open this thingi up and test it.

2M installs. This free and open-source text editor runs on any platform and is optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications.

Source: Why Visual Studio Code?

Running VSCP & Friends Linux version on Windows #VSCP #IoT #M2M


Running VSCP & Friends Linux version on Windows. Yes it sound strange but this is actually possible now in windows 10 build 14316 which have Ubuntu Linux incorporated into the system.  No it’s not a virtual machine its the real thing. Life just got easier for developers of cross platform tools.

Well how to use this new stuff?

First you need to switch your Windows 10 system to the Fast Ring. You do this by going “System Settings > Advanced Windows Update options” and selecting your Insider Preview update setting to the far right. This sets your Windows 10 update to the the Fast Ring.

Now you must turn on Developer Mode via “Settings > Update & security > For developers“. Search for “Windows Features” and choose “Turn Windows features on or off” and enable Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta).

Restart the machine.

Open up a console and type “bash“.  Well you are done. After some work by the machine  you can install the VSCP & Friends system as on any other Linux machine.