CAN4VSCP Kelvin 1-Wire FrogShop

Testing Kelvin 1-wire #VSCP

Testing Kelvin 1-wire



CAN4VSCP Kelvin 1-Wire

A peek… #VSCP #M2M #IoT

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CAN4VSCP Kelvin 1-Wire

Brewing in the lab. #VSCP #M2M #IoT


In the lab, brewing, the Kelvin 1-wire module.  Four channels times two sensors plus one on board sensor. That is 8 + 1 temperature channels with all the features on the Kelvin NTC10K.  Hopefully, if all goes well (yes it works already but manuals, mdf’s, testing is needed), it will be available in the FrogShop from next week.

I ordered the PCB’s for this module series for almost  1 1/2 years ago. Thinking to much of my ability to finish stuff. One learn. Hardware and firmware and software takes time when you are a small company. The Frankfurt BLE (bluetooth) and the San Francisco (barometer) module  is still left to do in that batch of PCB’s. And many other such as Frankfurt Eth is in the queue.

Conclusion, life is to short…