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VSCP turns fifteen today #vscp #IoT #m2m


Today VSCP turns fifteen.  Well the project was called EDA, for Event, Decision, Action from the beginning,  but it was put up on Source Forge this very day fifteen years ago after having being around for a week or so before that and brewing in my head since the end of the 70th.

The project started as a simple replacement for a home automation system project that Ericsson and Electrolux was running.  This project died after some years and VSCP really never made it into it anyway.

To be the little brother of other projects is a little bit of the signum for VSCP. They have been many the big and hyped projects over the years (“winners”) that came and went, died,  and which now is burred and  forgotten while VSCP still lives and is in active development. Small in numbers but alive and well. Very much alive. Dancing.

Some paper the other year dubbed VSCP the “IoT protocol that is older then IoT itself“.  And yes it is true. If labels like IoT is important.  For me working with VSCP, the framework, and what it can do is more important than labels put on to it. VSCP is still the only franework around that present a solution that scale from the smallest to the largest devices and actually solves “the problem”.

I can’t promise VSCP will be around for another fifteen years.  But I will work for it to be. It isn’t always easy to carry out what you believe in.  VSCP is struggling with the same problems most open and free projects are struggling with. If you have the 10K dollars you should of course bet on one of the “open” standard projects.  If you don’t have that kind of money you should probably bet on one of them anyway. It’s a safe ride. Most people like safe rides. It’s ok to be a follower. After all most people are. But VSCP is about changing the world. And that is actually what we celebrate here today. Leading the way to the future. A solution for the brave. I will celebrate this day and the continue the work.

Ake Hedman
Maintainer of VSCP (Paradise of the Frog)

“Programming cheerleaders” hired in China to motivate male developers – JAXenter

In another blow to achieving diversity in tech, Chinese startups have started hiring “programming cheerleaders” to spur on their mostly-male developers.

Source: “Programming cheerleaders” hired in China to motivate male developers – JAXenter

Comment from the Frog:

Well I don’t know what to say…

It’s Official: The Internet Of Things Takes Over Big Data As The Most Hyped Technology – Forbes

Gartner released last week its latest Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. Last year, big data reigned supreme, at what Gartner calls the “peak of inflated expectations.”  But now big data has moved down the “trough of disillusionment,” replaced by the Internet of Things at the top of the hype cycle. […]

Source: It’s Official: The Internet Of Things Takes Over Big Data As The Most Hyped Technology – Forbes

Workday and a smile

Another workday  and I smile when I open the door to the office.  Well I do that every morning.  Smile when the door opens. I love this. I love creating things that others around the world use.  Is this work really serious, I have to ask. Shouldn’t serious things be a bit boring. Struggling. Not fun like this is? I don’t know. I just work on and smile while doing what I do. Today building some boards.


Open Hardware #VSCP #m2m #IoT


Well in my last post I told about  our hardware designs/firmware/docs going fully open. Some guy out there asked me the other day in a mail if something happened, and I really felt he hoped something bad was going on, but nothing happened. And I told him. He probably got disappointed.  Well except for a very cold summer and some happiness over some very nice days in the sun this week, everything is moving on as usual here at the Paradise of the Frog.  Hard work. Many hours a day.

The fact on this matter is that I’m not after big profits. I have never been. I am a good guy and want to feel like I am to.  My goal is to have enough money to pay my bills and have as fun as possible doing so.  Some think that attitude is bad. But I have lived long enough now to know it isn’t. All them shiny cars and waterfront houses and money in the bank is probably fun to. But it is not just my bag of fun. Yes to maximize money you should probably protect as much as possible. Well I’m the good guy…  You even get a meal and a beer without charge if you come around to my house. And some open hardware and some software.

I truly believe that the world becomes a better place if we share things with each other.  It is in any case impossible to build anything at all without building it on others achievements. It does not matter how clever the things we come up with is. It is always built upon other peoples work. I think we all should recognize that. By sharing that is.

So just like VSCP is open source licensed the modules we make and sell at Grodans Paradis AB/Paradise of the Frog  is now under an open source license. This includes drawings, documentation and firmware including sample code etc.

The license we selected in the end is the The Artistic License 3.0. You can read all about it here.  In short it means

You are free:

  • to Share—to copy, distribute and transmit the work, and
  • to Remix—to adapt the work

Under the following conditions:

  • Attribution—You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work.)

With the understanding that:

  • Waiver—Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.
  • Other Rights—In no way are any of the following rights affected by the license:
    • your fair dealing or fair use rights;
    • the author’s moral rights; and
    • rights other persons may have either in the work itself or in how the work is used, such as publicity or privacy rights.

So if you use the stuff we make in your own products you have to give credit to us. If you don’t want to do that. You should contact us to arrange another license.

A lot of hardware i brewing here.  I have put some of it up on GitHub already and a lot more will follow.  If you want to support this buy something from the Frogshop or contribute code. It is as simple as that really.

Åke HedmanGrodans Paradis AB / Paradise of the Frog

Internet of Things(ish) | Alan Trevennor | LinkedIn

I should like it, but as a buzz-phrase, “Internet of Things” doesn’t fill my glass – but I suppose it will do until something better comes along. So a ho-hum name, but oh boy, what a concept it’s endless…..!My work with microcontrollers of various kinds from the little 8-pin AVR chips I use in simple home automation tasks to the ARM based Spark Core (Particle) and of course the wonderful Raspberry PI all steer me towards an inescapable conclusion: The mid century will be the era of intelligent “things”. Of course this is not news to anyone, it’s been brewing a long time.

Source: Internet of Things(ish) | Alan Trevennor | LinkedIn

The world


A problem I have faced during all the years I have been developing open source software and hardware (3/4 of my life now) and which most open source/hardware developers face, is that most people does not care to give back. Most people  just take and take and take as they where put on earth just for doing that. They never care who they take from and what.  “It’s free, it’s available, I just care about me, Me, ME and my close ones…”.  No it’s not spoken out. It’s all in there actions. It’s not hard to see.

YES as an open source developer you get fed-up with this from time to time. We all have bills to pay.  Open source/hardware developers have to. Surprisingly ey? So we sometimes close our source to protect our intellectual capital.  Become people we don’t want to be. Protective of our work in a way that is against all we believe in.

Oh yes I know companies that use my work and get good money from it and even don’t bother to  give a simple link back to any of my sites and it’s even a lesser chance they buy something from the FrogShop to support my work. “Why should they” they seem to think. If someone is foolish enough to leave something unprotected, of course we take it, use it, make it ours.  “If I see a new TV or a car with the keys left in it on a parking lot I of course take it to. If someone left it there is must me mine. Right!?”

So when you are into this you often wounder what type of man you want to be. Like them? Or different?  Different because you have other values in life.

No need to think about that for a long time.  I decide on different.

So from now on all modules made by Grodans Paradis AB/Paradise of the Frog will be open source and open hardware.   This means eagle files and all design documents, including source code for firmware will be available for all of them. License will be MIT. This info is not in all files yet but will be.  I will add designmaterial and files as we go.

Yes the greedy ones will get more to “take” and make there own.  But some will give back and contribute. I decide to focus on them.  Because that make the world look a little better to me. It’s a fortune in that. At least I do believe it is.

Below the first two freed modules

More will follow .