Monthly Archives: September 2014

Idea Challange #IoT #m2m


Last day to put in an application for the IDEA IoT Challenge so i put in one for the VSCP & Friends framework.  Bu as soon as I send it away I ask myself “How can something that is ready to deliver today have a chance in a competition like this when everyone else just still talks about what IoT is!?  Stupid of me…  To late to withdraw it I suppose… 😉

But if you have an IoT idea go ahead, fill in the info.


REST interface for VSCP #IoT #m2m #vscp



I am working hard on adding a REST interface to the VSCP daemon this week. Formats supported are plain text, CSV, XML, JSON and JSONP  and you can send event/read events/write variables/read variables and read tabular data. I personally prefer the old tcp/ip interface but I know many will like this interface better. Also from this version SSL will be available as an alternative to the web/rest/websocket/tcp/ip interfaces in addition to the password and remote machine validation mechanism previously available. Making this the most secure solution available.