VSCP Works +

Though I should share some screen dumps of the upcoming VSCP Works +.

Main window
Session window – With event info.
Session window – Event count
Session windows – Event timing
Remote device configuration window – Registers
Remote device configuration window -Remote variables
Remote device configuration window – Files

New version of the #VSCP specification

A new version 1.13.0 of the VSCP Specification is available.

  • Added proper description of JSON formatted MDF files.
  • Two new standard register positions has been added for ‘firmware code’
  • Updated MDF info. ‘abstraction’ has been changed to ‘remotevar’. ‘abstraction’ can still be used. ‘name’ attribute is not language dependent anymore.
node-red Raspberry Pi VSCP

Interesting phenomena

The picture above show readings from furnace in our house (the HULK). The first diagram show the boilers water temperature. One can see when the stove is active. As seen it failed to start this morning. Alarming me with SMS, email and telegram so I could handle it.

The second diagram show the temperature in the core of the warm water reservoir. This is the supply of hot water.

Third picture is hot water temperature measured on the pipe out to the house from the hot water reservoir. When no water is taped the temperature will fall. When hot water is taped the temperature will rise to the hot water temperature as expected.

The interesting part here is the sensor connected to the boiler container. It does not do aging very well and will go more an more of over time showing a higher temperature then it should. The sensor is a 10K NTC sensor. I have changed this sensor several times now over the years and I probably have done this twice a year.

I use many NTC sensors and this is the only one that behaves in this way. No idea why!?

The setup here is a Kelvin NTC 10K connected to a Raspberry Pi running the latest version of the VSCP Daemon which send the data to three MQTT brokers. This data is in one place handled by a node-red setup and the UI above is shown on that machine.

Investigation of this continues…


State of VSCP

A new year. Jippie. Or just “OK“. Anyway 2022 is here. Work on VSCP continues. I hope all is well with all you VSCP’ers out there.

To port the mdf-parser to a wxwidgets free platform has taken most of my time the last months and will do so for some weeks to come to. This has been way much more work than I expected. But in the end it will result in an XML/JSON mdf parser that will be available in a lib/dl/dll and user in the new VSCP Works. JSON/XML format is autodetected. The plan was to release a first official alpha of VSCP Works for x-mas but I had to (sadly) back on that. But this release will at least come this spring. I hope. 🙂

To be honest, this work is quite boring but it needs to be done to complete the porting work of VSCP and friends. I tend to spend my time mostly on “boring” stuff now and that is a challenge of course. But I think that is probably typical for something that lives for a long time. My car and my lawn mower has the same problem . More repairs than usage. 🙂 Bit even if I probably give up on both the car and the lawn mower I will not give up in VSCP even as officially retired.

Anyway I hope that I will be able to release some stuff at last again in this new happy year .

The modules from Grodans Paradis AB will come back to the store also this spring. Hopefully there will also be some new modules. I really looks forward to do some hardware work again. It’s been a long time without that (love of my heart) for me.

Even if it is very quiet around VSCP nowadays I know there is plenty of VSCP setups around the world, including mine, that just work an work and has done so for a decade and more. This is the sign of something that one can trust. It is seldom to many fireworks sent up for things that just do there job in the quite. Anyway I am glad to hear from some of you that still are around telling me this.

Here I have some setups that has been running from the start of time of VSCP and still do there work. Some of the Grodans Paradis AB modules has been running for more than ten years in a cold non isolated garage here just mounted on a DIN rail on one of the walls. I don’t think there as been a single failure for all that time despite its exposure to moits, winds, temperature shifts etc.

Now take care out there my friends.

ps The VSCP bumblebee now have a song ds

Raspberry Pi VSCP


Raspberry Pi 5 controls the heat here in our house/office. Hard at work now with low temperatures outside. This is one of twelve Raspberry Pi’s here. All running VSCP in some form.


The first time

For the first time ever I am able to pay all bills related to the VSCP project with sponsored funds. A great feeling. A big thanks to the sponsors of the VSCP project.


State of VSCP

A great thing with VSCP is that people stay on this project for a long time and during the last week I have been in contact with several old-timers. VSCP still lives also outside of this house in different corners of the world. Please use the discussion area at the main VSCP repository to discuss VSCP issues or just say hello and tell everyone that you are live and still around. Many installations has been running for 10+ years now. That is a great positive thing for the stability of VSCP.

My current work is still on rewriting stuff. At the moment VSCP Works, which actually is a useful and working tool for parts. Some last parts of the main source is now converted to standard C++.

News is that mdf’s now can be defined as json files as well and that the identification of which type they are is done automatically. The downloader and parser will also be distributed as a lib for use by other tools.

For those who have not noted windows will be supported in the current 15 version. Most is done here. Just need some installers but this has to wait unit the current work on VSCP Works in done.

I get questions about Grodans Paradis modules will be sold again and yes they will be available in Q1 next year. Some new stuff also I hope.

I actually retired two weeks ago so I should probably relax and enjoy this new oldie life. But I probably can’t which should not be a surprise for those of you who know me. The goal is to die in front of the screen never understanding whats happened. But now rush with that…

VSCP is alive.




SWALI – VSCP firmware for switches and lights


VSCP4HASS – VSCP communication for Home Assistant