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The KiCad project is proud to announce the release of version 7.0.0.KiCad 7 is a significant upgrade from KiCad 6, and comes with anumber of exciting new features as well as improvements to existingfeatures. The KiCad project hopes you enjoy version 7! Head to theKiCad download pageto get your copy of the new version (note that some packages may still be inthe process of being released at the time this announcement is published).Many thanks to all of the hard working folks who contributed to KiCad duringthe version 7 development cycle.In accordance with the KiCad stable release policy, KiCad 6.x will no longer bemaintained, and we will release bug fix versions of KiCad 7.x over the next yearas we develop KiCad 8.

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I do to. Enjoy it very much and it is getting better and better. Open source rules.

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