Merry X-mas and a happy new year

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Another year is moving fast to it’s closure. Christmas time is upon us and with it a few days are coming with calm family life for most of us. For me this year has been a great one, this despite the bad things happening in the world. Almost every hour awake this year has been used for VSCP work and a lot of things is in the pipe. Fun things. At least I think so.

I haven’t had to much contact with the VSCP community this year (if there still is one?) but I often think of you all. I have had the opportunity to get to know good people during the years of the project. Some just shortly, moving to other adventures and some for +15 years and more. It is great side effect of a project that is or rather has turned out to be a life project for me.

I hope for peace in the world. I hope for a world without a pandemic. A world where no one goes to sleep hungry. Or get abused. An I hope for the grit to carry on this work. The first four are hard to accomplish. We have to work together on them The last one is easy. I smile and have a good feeling in my body every morning when I enter the office around eight in the morning and I which I could do another hour every night near midnight when I usually leave to read a book and sleep for some hours. I just like this so much. Even if most of the time it is just (dull) work that needs to be done. Crazy people is the ones that do the same things over and over again. That can”t adopt to the world around them. And I probably is one of those after working on this for +20 years. But OK I can live with being a crazy fool that spent q full life on a useless project. Because I never thought it was. I often doubt, but always return to the faith in this work. Well it’s all just symptoms of crazy. 🙂

If you read this you probably have some interest in this project. From the bottom of my heart thank you for that. It means a lot.

I once read about a man in India that every day after work went up to the mountain side with chisel and a hammer in an effort to make a pass through the mountain. Everyone ignored and made fun of him. But after twentytwo years of hammering he finished the pass through the mountain. By that saving a full day travel time for the people of his village when they should go to the city. Grit. (Read more about this here).

Now, have a wonderful x-mas and a really good new year. You guys are the best!


Our place taken from the door a few minutes ago.

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Hi Ake, I wish you and your fammily marry christmas as well! My children love your picture. Unfortunately our snow went away this week and we hoped to have a white christmas. I know that the view on that might be different if you have too much snow for a too long time. 🙂
Stay healthy and get a curious new year 2023!
All the best

Thanks Andy. Hope the same for you and your family. I have followed your rgb-led-matrix project. Great one. Great with the VSCP updates to! And yes in January you are rather fed up with snow, and in February even more so, and in Mars even more, and in April one hate it. The first year we lived here it came snow at Midsummer. Surrealistic with lime green leaves and ten centimeters snow. If we where smart we would have moved south at that moment. 🙂

Now have fun and enjoy some free time!

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