A good day

Thanks to the VSCP project sponsors (and partly (20%) an understanding wife) I was able to buy a new oscilloscope today. I have been without for many years now being more or less blinded electronically. So now I can see again. A big thank you to the VSCP project sponsors.

My goal has been to pickup and start to make the modules I sold before as soon as I can (people are actually still asking for them!). But at the moment it looks like I am the only one having IC’s and to few to do any larger “production” effort. Hopefully the chip shortage situation will be over soon so that this can be resolved.

btw the oscilloscope I bough was the 100MHz Hantek DSO20C10. This scope is available also as Hantek DSO20D15 which is 150MHz and have a waveform generator on board. Luckily my scope turned into a 150 MHz with a waveform generator after a little software hack. Same hardware apparently. Saving some (of my sponsors) money. Hurrah!

It has been a splendid week here. Most of the code for the level II node is in place, Next week I will take up where I left of with the VSCP Works qt work.

Have a nice weekend all of you out there, well at least those of you that read this… Well, everyone should of course.

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I need a new power supply also but after that I am have most of the stuf I need again, Sold off a lot the last years.

Any exciting new projects brewing on the other side of the Baltic Sea?

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