Season greetings

The movie:

I am no winter lover. But mornings like this morning is not bad. I must at least admit that. A decimeter of snow falls during the night and is added to the snow already on the ground. Light, cold, white, snow. Snow that make that special sound when you walk on it. The world becomes very silent when there is new snow everywhere. You are in the void. The feeling is that the world is a silented music studio. I’m the only one awake. It’s still dark. It’s just nice to be alive.

I give the birds (and the squirrels) some food and move away some snow from the car and the ground. After that I am ready start my day. Coffee. Backups (it’s is Friday). My office. My “work”. I love it all.

With this post I just want to wish everyone following the VSCP developers blog a nice time during xmas and during the new year, despite the bad times we live in. I wish you to have some nice days with your dear ones during the period. Perhaps a good book, an old movie, some of your favorite food can find it’s way to you. I know they all will here. There is still a lot to be thankful for.

Have fun and take care everyone.

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