State of #VSCP

Hello everyone, must post a state of VSCP to show that things are rolling on even if activity looks dead right now. Yes, VSCP is still on active development. It is maybe not every user/developers favorite IoT framework but at least it’s maintainer (who does not love a child?) and a few others still like it.

For me I work on the next version of VSCP Works which I hope will be more stable and more useful then the present version which I personally never liked much, mostly due to the choice of using wxWidgets as a framework to build it. To get this thing out is the highest priority for me right now.

The new version of the VSCP daemon is quite stable as of the latest release. The thing that still needs to be done there is porting of some of the level II drivers to the new level II driver API. I just have’t found the time to do this yet. But will deliver on this point during this winter. I hope.

New things coming to the VSCP daemon is that MQTT client support will be built in instead being in a separate driver. This is in the line of work to use node-red for user interface tasks.

Also UDP and multicast support will go into the VSCP daemon again.

Both will be present in the next release of the VSCP daemon.

I use node-red with VSCP daily here at my location and much functionality in this house now is dependent on this setup. VSCP and node-red is a really a nice combination. More tools will come also here.

I added some VSCP functionality to ESPEasy (ESP8266/ESP32) for some time ago (a controller). It is hard to add generic functionality to a system that is not at all generic. But I gave up on this. Tired of trying to adjust to another really thoughtless solution. If I ever get time there will be sample code for the platforms some day. Tasmota is very nice but not at all generic when it comes to messages either. I plan to do a VSCP translator on MQTT level for my own use there as I really love many things about it.

Currently I am mounting some hardware here to control some stuff. It takes more time then I expected (does it not always?). But the thought is to have some things to work with and write demos and how-to’s around when the winter arrives with snow and cold temperatures (it’s late this year thankfully). Currently I am mounting hardware for lights and a weather station in my garage. More on this later.

well just a few words to show that this project still is alive and well.

Have fun!

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