vscpd 14.0.0 Silicon has been released

So after more than a year of work it is time for the release of vscpd 14.0.0 Silicon. And actually it is not much new stuff in this release. It is instead more or less a total rewrite. Some old libraries has been removed. A lot of things has been lifted and changed.

If you consider updating there are a few things you should know.

1.) The decision matrix is no longer available in the VSCP daemon. We recommend the use of node-red and tools from here to replace this functionality.

2.) Remote variables is no longer available anymore. Again use node-red to get the functionality. We will provide examples on how to do so later.

3.) udp interface is no longer build into the VSCP daemon but instead packed in an optional level II driver.

4.) While level I drivers works as before the interface to level II drivers is new. This means that level II drivers made for <14 releases will not work with never releases.

5.) Drivers are no longer shipped with the main release binaries and should be installed separately.

7.) The main install folder is now /var/lib/vscp instead of /srv/vscp as before. You find folders for web pages and drivers as well as other files there. Configuration file is as usual in /etc/vscp

8.) systemd is now used to start/stop/restart the the VSCP daemon. So use “systemctl start/stop/restart vscpd

node-red is mentioned several times here and that is because VSCP will be tightly integrated with node-red in the future. Some of that work has already been done but more will come.

You find the release binaries here. New is that most binaries are available as Debian packages for easy install.

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