VSCP Status and All saints #IoT #m2m #VSCP

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I sit here on the office ending my work for today sipping on a glass of whiskey  Thought I should give you some status of todays work.

The Level II socketcan driver and the Level II socketcan driver now appears to be stable as well as the daemon.  I will go and test the rest of the drivers tomorrow and then get vscp works going again.

I think it was David or JM that did not reach the web pages after a new install. This was due to the distribution config  (/etc/vscpd.conf) points to /srv/vscp/www instead of the correct /srv/vscp/web Change in the config file and things should work.

If someone want to use your favorite language to interface the VSCP daemon you have samples of all calls in this file but most of them is in the docs as well of course. Works on Linux and windows. Python, node.js, Perl, C# and Java bindings are needed for this code and  if someone really want to contribute taking on one of them is very valuable. Also making different samples is valuable. This can everything from reading a temperature value from a sensor  and send it to the daemon or big complex examples. We all benefit if they come to life saving time for all of us when we want to do things.

I also have a plea. I do consultant work to be able to do this work. I work for some months and then I get some time to do some VSCP work again. I hard way to get money for the things you must have in life I can assure you.  I should have needed more time to do the modules I have components and cards for and to do further software development but this window for VSCP development will end in December and I have to go back to consulting work. Needless to say it’s almost impossible to do VSCP work during these sessions that can vary from a few months to  a year.  But I have the store FrogShop  and if you need a USB2CAN adapter or something else that is available there please place your order at the store. Each order helps a lot and I am very thankful to all of you who have bought things there already.

OK thats all for now. Its All saints weekend here in Sweden, this weekend  we light lights on the graves.  The list of names one try to remember this weekend grows for every year  and it’s getting harder and harder to remember everyone. I have lost two old time and very  dear friends this year, one in a car accident with a moose and one from a life filled with drugs. A path he took after I left the band and the rock’n roll life and started to study physics.  It’s said to lose friends but this weekend we try to remember them all. I come to think of this here because many of you on the list is also people I come to know as friends. Borders, culture, religion and sex does not matter when you have a common interest.   I remember the bombings in the London subways. Charles wellbeing was the first though that came to my head. And it’s the dame with the rest of you guys.  My thoughts are with you.

Now I will leave the office and eat a taco dinner. The poor another glass of whiskey before I probably fall to sleep on the sofa in front of the tv.  Have a nice weekend guys.


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