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VSCP events are probably the most important part of VSCP. They make it possible for different type of hardware and different types of systems to talk to each other and they also makes it possible to write one application to solve many problems in one shot. A typical examples is a logger for measurement data or a presentation system for the same. They abstract things that happens in the world and they abstract how we can interact with the world.

Everyone that knows a bit about VSCP use the specification to search for events or to read more about them. But what everyone is not aware of is that they are also available here in a multiple of formats that are suited for a machines, always up to date. Just check the version.json file to see if the docs you have downloaded is the latest. Otherwise fetch the updated version.

In the docs folder you even find the full documentation for all VSCP events in markdown format. You can do your own documentation from it if you want.

And best of all. Maybe. Is that is all is free. Just as everything else is with VSCP & Friends.

And of course. If you are missing an event, tell us, and we will add it if it’s not there already.

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Hey Ake,

you must have an examplelaying about of how to read a VSCP level-2 event in json to read with Node-red? and probably also an example of an esp8266 Arduino script sending a sample level-2 event? This would give me some starting ideas….. Thanks 🙂


Hi Henk,
Yes there will be examples. I will move all VSCP higher level stuff to node-red as node components there so VSCP will more or less be transparent in that environment. I will add publish the first version of this when 14.0 is released. That is a bit further down the road still.

Yes dumb level II nodes are very easy to implement. For such things as a PIR sensor or a temperature sensor this can be enough. Will do some proper work on this later on. ESPxxxx is my favorite also at the moment (well everyone’s darlings). 😉

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