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The VSCP helper libraries has been around for at least ten of the fourteen years of VSCPs life. But until now the library has been undocumented. Programmers hate to document and I am not an exception to that rule.  But instead of programming with the aim to change the world as I should, I have spent the last week to finally test every method and make an example that work on both Linux and Windows and then documented them all. It’s dull and boring work and I found some errors which now are fixed.

OK there is more to add and more to document in this are as well. How to directly use a CANAL driver for example is not documented and there need to be more samples.  Some day I will attend to that to…

For those of you that program in C++ there are three classes that can be used instead if the helper library if you  prefer that.  The CCanalSuperWrapper class gives a common API to both the TCP/IP and the CANAL interfaces. The CDllWrapper class on the other hand interface only the CANAL interface and VscpRemoteTcpIf class  interfaces only the TCP/IP interface,   Docs will follow on how to use these  tools also.

Anyway the docs for the VSCP Helper library is here.

That’s all for now.


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