State of #VSCP

Just a post to let you all know that VSCP is still alive even if not many things have happened for the last months.

As I wrote before I had some surgery in January this year and a follow up operation on that in June. Sadly I got a bad infection in the operation wound so I had to stay for some time at the hospital, but now I am home again eating tons of antibiotics.

Well things are pretty good now and I hope I am in working condition next month or so. But apparently one never know with deep infections, they often come back with full force. I, of course, hope it will not. 😉

I am sorry for all this talk about my health lately, everyone have enough with there own health and wellbeing, but this is my reality right know and I just want to indicate that VSCP is not dead. or even sick. It’s just me and I am in a good mode after all.

Have fun!

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Thand Ged. Same to you man. Hope you will have some really good months for the rest of 2019 businesswise.

hey buddy, Let’s go for a speedy recovery and hi to karin who has to keep up with you 😉

with love from Alkmaar,


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