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The work with the upcoming 13.0.0 Aluminium release is moving on.  As usual a few surprises has turned up adding some weeks to the work but things move forward as expected. Instead of being released before X-mas I now expect it to be out sometime late January next year.

For those of you doing home automation project I can recommend Domoticz and OpenHAB  (in that order). Both projects has a huge and active user base constantly adding support for new devices. Much better choices for HA freaks than VSCP will ever be.

I also want to take the opportunity to wish all of you a merry X-mas. This year has been a quite rough time here and that will continue for some time but with the support from many of you I have managed to keep servers active and also had a chance to get some new hardware to play with as well. Thanks for your generosity. I will never forget.

There are a few days more coding for me before I turn of my computer and rest for a couple of days. A good book, some movies and a lot of food is waiting for me and honestly I need the rest. I hope all of you enjoy a few days rest also.

Be hungry, stay foolish

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