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When things are silent it means that things are brewing here at the Paradise of the frog. Currently the REST interface is getting some work.

This work is due to the user and access-right fields added to variables.  Yes there will be an owner of the variable, and there will be others that can or can not have access to it.  The access rights are the same as in Unix. RWX grouped in three pairs UGO where U=user, G=group and O=other. So 0x777 means everyone can read, write and execute the variable, 0x744 mean the owner can do everything with the variable but everyone else can only read it.

To execute a variable may sound strange. But as you are able to store LUA or JavaScript in a variable this definitely has its meaning. And yes JavaScript is available in the VSCP daemon now.

All main interfaces support variables so when the REST work is done (this week?) variables can be handled over the REST, TCP/IP and the websocket interfaces with the same ease.

The goal with the work at the moment is to have a working administrative web-based interface before the end of the year. This is hard work for me as I am a low-end and embedded programmer but as usual if no one else does it you have to do it yourself. Well very disappointed of course as this slow down things (and makes me poorer) but what the heck ” a man got to do what a man got to do” and I am sure that is true for woman to.

Have fun!

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