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Even more VSCP boards on the way + RC3 of VCSP & Friends

Working hard with the 1.1.0 Sodium release of VSCP and Friends there is not much time for hardware work .  But it takes some time to get things from China after all and I had to have a break today and yesterday to clear of some new boards for manufacturing.

First is the Power injector board. Yes you have seen the daisy chain connector on our boards. This boards couple a bunch of boards together in an easy way. Perfect when they sit together in a cabinet.


Next was the Frankfurt USB. This is supposed to come in two versions. One in a closed enclosure and one in our standard din rail/wall mount enclosure. First out is the enclosure type.


Then last we have the Moscow board. This boards allow an ESP8266 to be connected to an Odessa board.  Together they form the Frankfurt Wifi module.

Every order that we get through the Frogshop help us to c continue our work.  The Kiev nrf2401 board and the other version of the Frankfurt USB board just sits here waiting to be placed in production along with many other exciting boards.

Now back to release work.  Btw. RC3 of VSCP & Friends is now available.


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