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DAC’s on ESP32 – XTronical

Full video supporting this article is available below; So, you’ve got your shiny new ESP32 and it’s amazing, does everything you want and more. But have you explored the DAC‘s yet? Digital to Analogue Converters are useful circuits for converting the internal clean digital world of the microprocessor into the […]

Source: DAC’s on ESP32 – XTronical

#Lua on the #VSCP server

It might not look beautiful looking at raw in the browser like this but this  is a decision matrix row that runs a Lua script. The scripts can read/write VSCP remote variables and send/receive events. &That means you have a choice between JavaScipt and Lua when you want to do something when events are received by the VSCP server. Events that can be a measurement or something else like a pressed button.