Monthly Archives: October 2016

The new #VSCP user interface #Iot #m2m


I am definitely not the right person for ux design work.  I have been an embedded programmer and a driver programmer all my life.  But still I am currently working on the VSCP  user interface, and despite my background, it definitely comes to life. In the above picture  the remote variable interface is shown. DM handling. User handling, event sessions, device boot load and driver load, reload  will be part of this interface. In the end hopefully all functionality of the VSCP works tool will be available here to.


Sponsoring #VSCP #IoT #m2m

We today got a  EUR 50 donation from Gediminas Simanskis, Vilnius, Lithuania to the project.  Thank you Gediminas!

Besides the money, which is  very much-needed to keep this project going, with servers and all other stuff that needs to be held active, the belief in the project, from an other human being far away, which a contribution like this is a proof of, is worth thousand and thousands  times more than the actual money.  So this is big.

I thank you Gediminas, and all other people around the world, that decided to support the project. I send this thank you  from the deepest rooms of my heart. You will never be forgotten and for me your unselfish action is the proof that there actually is good in the world after all.

Ake Hedman
Maintainer of the free and open VSCP project.