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Frankfurt Ethernet


A first batch of PCB’s are now ordered for the PIC version of the Frankfurth Eth card so we expect to see some working  prototypes under October.  This card has a lot of buffer capability to buffer CAN4VSCP events and a large external Flash for user interface.

Main use is Ethernet/TCP/IP <-> CAN4VSCP.  Just add the module to a CAN4VSCP segment and it will add TCP/IP connectivity to that segment attaching the segment  to a VSCP daemon or other software.  Also we will build a web interface on the module for diagnostic and other things.

This module will also be available in an ARM version later.


Do you want to take part in the VSCP development and change the world


Can’t promise you fame and fortune.  But it can be nice to just be part of something that will change the world.

There is a lot to do of course. It always is. But bindings to different languages (also to languages not in the list)  is something that we really need and gives other people a chance to do great things.   Yes we can do with libs. that is not based on the VSCP helper lib and interface the REST or the websocket interface of the VSCP daemon.

There is a list here with things that we think it would be nice to see. But there is million of other things you can contribute with. Its fin. Its valuable. Its a world changer.


Important change to the VSCP Specification


I made an important change to the VSCP specification today.

The CLASS1_INFORMATION, Type = 9 (0x09) Node Heartbeat has previously not been mandatory to implement for a node.  But this has changed and it is now mandatory as the only exception of a mandatory event to implement outside of the CLASS1.PROTOCOL class.   The same is true for the Level II event CLASS2_INFORMATION,

The recommended interval is 30-60 seconds between heartbeats  bur exception can be made for nodes that have to sleep for a longer time.

The reason for this change is that it makes it easier for wireless nodes to announce there presence as they are harder to scan as wired modules.

Changes to the VSCP specification is as always listed here.

A new class has also been added today. This is the Level II class Class=1060 (0x424) Measurement float. This class is a companion class to the Class=1040 (0x410) Measurement string.   Both follow the CLASS1_MEASUREMENT class types except that it allow for more sensors (0-256) and more units (0-256).  Obviously the Level I definition is the interchangeable one.


Yes there is plenty of them already.  But this double precision floating point class can make some order again and I will add translators from all other classes to this class in the daemon and in the CAN4VSCP driver. So for all work at higher levels these to classes are the one that should be used.  At least if not communicating things down to Level I nodes.

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