VSCP vscpworks

New version 13.2.2 of VSCP-Works

Version 13.2.2

**A bug fix release. **

  • Fixes a problem with abstraction editing when abstraction is float/double/long/longlong

VSCP Works is deprecated.

VSCP vscpworks

VSCP Works Version 13.2.1

Version 13.2.1 of VSCP Works has been released. It is available here.

VSCP Works is deprecated, so the release of a new version may be unexpected. Still it is necessary as VSCP Work is still the active tool until VSCP Works ++ and other tools are released.

This release fixes a problem with bootloading of a node over tcp/ip.

VSCP vscpworks

Connecting with old vscpworks over tcp/ip to >=14.0.0 vscpd

The interface list output of vscpd has been changed from 14.0.0 version. This is because now the GUID's is used to identify a channel. To be compatible with the deprecated vscpworks which relay on the driver names a device driver name should end with "|" (without the quotes), to make the parsing work for works. Here is an example for vscpl1drv-can4vscp

<!-- The can4vscp driver -->
<driver enable="true" 
Without this scan/config/boot will not work as they should.

vscpworks is available here as a Debian package for amd64 and only for amd64. It is deprecated and will not be updated anymore.