#JavaScript in decision matrix of #VSCP #IoT #m2m

Now it is possible to use execution of JavaScript as a result from a triggered action in the decision matrix of the VSCP Daemon.  Things that is triggering an action can typically be events from external nodes or internal VSCP daemon generated events.  For example a measurement value can be sent to a remote cloud service or an ON event can enable some special on-board functionality or just toggle a pin on some output. The possibilities are endless.

With the VSCP decision matrix escape functionality dynamic data can be written into the JavaScript before it is executed. This includes the triggering event data as well as environment information.

File, encryption and socket functionality is available from inside the script plus functions to send event, receive events, handle VSCP remote variables, handle measurements and more.

As a script can be stored in a VSCP remote variable it can be externally edited and functionality can therefore be dynamic.

The new functionality is described here.

Callback functions for VSCP functionality is described here.

LUA scripting will be added later making it possible to do slightly more complicated scripting.

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