Some m2m/IoT news from the frogs #m2m #IoT #VSCP


At last here is some news from the Paradise of the Frog. Sometimes we are so much into our work so we are unable to tell the world all the things we do.  But now there are  a few hours free to tell the world what the frogs are cooking.

First of all the CAN4VSCP Frankfurt RS-232 module is officially released. This is a low cost USB/RS-232 interface to the CAN4VSCP bus. We will do a 3.3V and a 5V version of this module also. The 3.3V version is perfect to use with a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone or similar for easy access to the CAN4VSCP bus.

The CAN4VSCP Kelvin NTC10K module now have a new firmware version 1.2.1.

The CAN4VSCP Paris Relay module now have a new firmware version 1.1.0.

What is upcoming?

There are a lot of cards and components waiting to be put together here at the every frogs paradise. This is the modules we have in the pipeline meaning they just sit an wait for someone to attend to them.

  • The Beijing module – General I/O.
  • The Accra module – General Counter module.
  • The Vilnius module  – General A/D module.
  • The Kelvin 1-Wire module – A 1-wire Kelvin temperature measurement module.
  • The San Fransisco Barometer module – Yes a barometer module.
  • The Frankfurt BLE module – A bluetooth BLE module.
  • The Odessa module – This is a general expansion module.
  • The Frankfurt GPRS module – SMS/Email etc link to VSCP.
  • The Roma expansion – The Roma expansion can be used together with Odessa above or a planned Ethernet board with the same expansion . The Roma board can be used wither as a 433 MHz receive/transmitter or as a 802.15.4 board.  This is the start of the VSCP wireless protocols.
  • Blitz – A Linux based board with CAN4VSCP interface, wifi, Ethernet a 433 receiver/transmitter and a lot more.

We also hope that we can put together both a nRF24LS01 based board and a ESP8266 based board soon soon soon.

Yes a lot of work to do here among the happy frogs. So enough talk. Time to work.



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