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VSCP driver MQTT topics

For the new VSCP daemon drivers uses mustach escaped topics. It is possible to use this in many ways. For a driver publish config as this one

where the last to topic defines is of interest here.

The first of the two publish events on JSON format. Driver guid/event class/event type/and node nickname is dynamically put into the topic when an event is received by the driver (vscp/…).

This looks like this for events from the VSCP socketcan driver

If we instead want the symbolic names for the vscp-class and vscp-type the second configuration line can be used. This will be published as the last topic in the picture above (vscp2/…).

Of course it is possible to use many other escapes and even set up your own.

Also look at the vscp-daemon topic. At this location VSCP server information is displayed. This is information like available interfaces, discovered nodes etc. You can see that drivers are actually running and alive here.

Just a teaser…

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