Nice and stable

I have had CAN4VSCP boards running now for many years here on the VSCP hill. Setups like the above for my weather station, take care of things like hot water generation, fridge control, pellets stove and heater, alarms, lights and much, much, much more. The setup is actually incredible stable and have survived many thunderstorms, winter blizzards (several setups is mounted outside like the one above), rain, and power hick ups. It just works.

All CAN4VSCP designs are real open hardware with all documents and firmware open and freee to use. It is OK to build your own, sell them, change them or do whatever you can come up with.

From november this year I will start to sell them again – after this five year stop – aimed to those of you that like to obtain your hardware that way. To buy some hardware is also a good way to support the VSCP project. Some additional cards will appear to at that time. Strangely the designs does not feel old event if many of them are almost ten years at this point. Oldies in electronic terms.

I myself is becoming old to. But still love this more then can express. The work with VSCP will continue.

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