Bill Gates and my realationship.


I have been walking besides Bill Gates since before the personal computer entered the scene and the richer he got the poorer I got. I have drunk a beer with Mr Balmer but never meet Bill personally even if we been in the same room many times in the past.  Anyway we are linked. He in the big and I in the small.

I think he has done good. Not just the money. I once talked to a programmer in one of Microsofts teams and he told me Bill occasionally personally contacted him  with insightful technical questions. That is a hard thing to do and to keep up the technical knowledge when you also run a big company on a daily basis.

Now he does even better with Melindas and his foundation. Hats off for you Bill from a poor programmer to a richer programmer. Respects from a Linux user! 😉

TED talk with Bill and Melinda

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