State of #VSCP

It’s been many months. I have more or less been unable to do any serious VSCP development. All plans for the first half of 2019 just went out of the window. Even if that hurts, loosing such amounts of time, I had a second operation last week and the doctors says I am allowed to do some programming again from the end of the month. I look forward to that.

So hopefully “the state of VSCP” will be less about my scars and more about project progress after this summer. I have done quite a bit of the new VSCP works client during this slow time and hopefully some initial code will be available publically also very soon. JavaScript is still a little “strange” for me. But I like Electron and node.js more and more.

I hope everyone reading this will have a very nice summer. A Blackbird, named Pavarotti here on the hill, is singing for me and there is nothing in the world more beautiful than his song. Enjoy the summer my friends.

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All the best Ake and wish you a speedy recovery 😉 Busy with node.js as well so might come handy. Enjoy the summer and best regards to Karin too also from Julia 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hi Ake,
hopefully this was the last operation of your shoulder and I wish a good recovery. Did the doctor set you a limit regarding keystrokes per minute!? 😉
I did and still working on some side projects, like a wooden playhouse for the kids, hacking my electro scooter, but also started a first port of the websocket lib to typescript for getting a better insight and etc. Maybe too much again, but lets see. 🙂
Wish the best

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