Raspberry Pi and 1-wire temperature sensors to VSCP #rpi #iot #1wire

This article is based on this tutorial from AdaFruit. Read it before you continue. Here is an extended version. It explains how to connect 1-wire sensors to a Raspberry Pi system (Works on other Linux systems also of course).

As explained in the above article there is support for 1-wire in the Linux Kernel.  You will get a folder for every  each temperature sensor you attach to the system under /sys/bus/w1/devices

The script  will read information from each on the attached sensors and send to a VSCP daemon for further processing.  This script originally comes from Adafruit but has been extended and changed, see the original article.

The usage is

./  host user password

The script will use the 1-wire sensor GUID to construct a valid unique VSCP GUID.

Only sensors that has been read correctly will be sent to the VSCP daemon.

The script can of course be added to cron if one for example want to have temperature reported every minute. There are other howto’s on this blog that explains how this is done.


A good reading of a sensor gives this data on the filesystem

2a 00 4b 46 ff ff 0f 10 40 : crc=40 YES
2a 00 4b 46 ff ff 0f 10 40 t=20812

May be worth checking that you have this content in the file(s) there before using the script.

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