“If few people give and a majority take”


Last year I  did a  mere EUR 1800 on my open source/ open hardware work. Well I have expenses to of course, just as everyone else does, and the bottom line of the balance sheet summed up to EUR 6500.  MINUS and bloody RED that is, and that’s negative figures for another year, now another year of many, many years.

Is it OK? No because I work harder than most people, often seven days a week, 16h days, I support a lot of people every day solving there problems, I seldom get a “thank you” for my work.  And as it turns out I am paying for the pleasure of doing that.  One must be quite stupid to do that. More than quite actually. Even I realise that.

So what is the options. Quit? Abandon the ship?

No the journey continues.  VSCP lives. But maybe everything will not continue to be free forever if few people give and the majority take.

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