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The Frogs will go to sleep for some time #VSCP

In 1992 I lost everything. My company went bankrupt and me and my family lost everything, our house, our savings, yes the lot. We have had hard years since then and I have tried all ways possible to come back. It has not been an easy journey, neither for me nor for my family.

So today we got an opportunity that may be the path to get back into a normal everyday life again for me and my family.  We now have a chance to be part of a national debt reduction system here in Sweden which means we can come out new and fresh after five years.  Become ‘normal’ people again.

Sadly this means I have to put Grodans Paradis AB to sleep for those five years. One can think this is contra productive but it is a fact and something we have to do. Only God  knows if I have the strength enough in five years to bring it back to life again. We have to see about that.

So the modules will not be available for sale anymore.  At least not from Grodans Paradis AB. That sadens me more then I can say. The site (and the operation) will go down sometimes tomorrow.

It is important to note that the VSCP project will not be affected by this.

Thanks to everyone that have bought things, helped to get things bug free, and believed in the mission of the frog. 

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